What’s in a name?

1 Apr

What’s in a name? A lot actually. It predetermines who you will be as a business, it tells your customers who you are and hopefully also covers what you provide be it a service or product. My business name will also dictate my branding. What do I want my brand to convey? I’ll discuss this in a later post when I nail down my logo.

I knew getting into this I’d have to be creative and clever. This is where my job in marketing has helped me out.

I wanted something that would say it all, be easy to say and spell, be relevant to the product I’m offering, sound current and be nicely wrapped up with a nice ring to it.  Oh, and of course be Google friendly.

Having the word “album” in the name is key not just because it says it all, this word is also a French word. Living in Montreal I have to think on a 2-way street if I want to grow my business locally as well as virally.

Have you ever done brainstorming exercises where you take a paper and a pen and just write whatever words come to mind? If you don’t do it. You should. The creative juices get to flowing before you’ve even realized what’s happened.

Some things I came up with…that weren’t so hot…

– I do albums (cute, clever, has ‘album’…but not quite enough)

– Wedding book (too narrow of a field, I’d get pigeon holed for sure)

– Brilliant Books (I might have been mistaken for a bookstore or note pad supplier)

Some other words I played with: compilation, collection, assemblage (where my French kicks in), picturesque…

So how did I get to “A many splendid album”? you ask. I’m a romantic at heart and a big fan of music. So I looked to my Jazz collection for some inspiration. A favourite of many-Frank Sinatra-recorded a version of the first song ever written for a movie to become #1 on the charts and also carried the name of the film and was adapted from a novel and later a spin off soap opera(thank you Wiki). Any guesses yet? ” Love is a many-splendored thing”.

Call it creative influence. Changing splendored for splendid is a tactical move. Typing splendored isn’t as easy as typing splendid…not to mention it’s not really a word. Familiarity it is.

So how does this related to the message I want to convey? Being recently married and still very much in love I wake up everyday knowing that I’ve found that one true love. If you’ve ever been there you know what I’m talking about. I want to bring those moment together in one place where they can be cherished, proudly displayed, and passed on to future generations.

Love is…it goes without saying love is what will be in the pages of the many splendid albums I will create.


1 down and infinity to go!

24 Mar

I’m sure this has been said many times before on Word Press, but I’m all for not re-inventing the wheel – This is my very first blog and my very first blog post! Congratulations Johanna, you did it!

Why am I here? It’s simple. I’m starting my own business and I want to blog about it from A-Z and hopefully one day when I’ve earned my successes I can look back on this and share it with others who are as ambitious and want to break off and do their own thing. Maybe this blog will become a how-to/trial-and-error guide…

So let’s begin with the questions:

Am I unhappy at my job? Heck no! I love my job. I have what many people would consider a “dream job” and I’m one of those people.

What do I, do you ask? I’m an Assistant Brand Manager for a high profile sporting goods company. My path here was not paved in flag stone with a neatly groomed flowerbed lining the way…I knew I was passionate about something, it was the “what” that had me left wondering. Although it should have been obvious form the get go, I needed someone to help me figure it out.

Here’s my story in short (well, sort of). I had just finished my Bachelors degree in Elementary Education at McGill University and had zero intention of jumping right into a class room. Think about it, I was 22, had an official document in hand form the government of Quebec that said “Yes, we recognize that you are fully capable of teaching the next generation of budding young executives, athletes, politicians. Now get to it!”

Uhhh…excuse me? I don’t think you get it…I’m 22. I just stopped being a student and now I have to have to be accountable for cultivating the minds of 30 children? Are you mad??

So why spend 4 years, one year more than most professional programs, learning and mastering a trade that I had no intention of pursuing? I’ve always had positive experiences with kids as a camp counselor. Read: sports camp.  Aha! But how did I not pick up on it? i actually had a professor say to me “This will be a very long profession if you’re not passionate about teaching. I don’t get the feeling you are.” He was clued in, I was just going through the motions of doing what I was asked to do to get my grades.

I spent year 1 out of uni as a high school Sports Cooordinator coaching, mentoring, and having fun playing sports. I was finally making a connection to my passions. Now how to get a job in sports that actually paid?

Going back to school was exactly what I vowed never to do when I was handed my B.Ed. So much for that. You gotta do what you gotta do, so I did. I enrolled at Concordia University in a GDSA (Graduate Diploma in Sports Administration).

Fast forward through a few hard years’ learning about my limitations of dealing with angry consumers and here I am; a well rounded individual with character.

I leave you with this for today-the most important piece of advise I can impart on you is to network, make a name for yourself and be patient. Rushing things will only build you a house made of straw or twigs.

About A Many Splendid Album

24 Mar

The purpose of this blog is to candidly chronicle my experiences with starting up my own business-A Many Splendid Album. From registering the business, to making my sample albums, to my first client meetings, networking, and the nitty gritty of what you’ve got to do to get into the wedding industry.

More to come about the business in later posts…don’t want to give away the house just yet 😉