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Moving and Grooving

24 Apr

Dearest readers, I’m very excited to say that there are just a few sleeps left until I become an official business registrant. It’s amazing to think of back to when the idea for Splendid Albums started and how it came about. This is a story I really haven’t told and there’s no better time like the present.

It was November 2009. Wedding bliss was still in the air in our house. We had been married for nearly 4 months, our thank-you cards, still in their cellophane wrapping, stared up at us from the coffee table and talks of our upcoming, much needed, vacation to Mexico were frequent. Our parents had just started asking us about our wedding album…

What to do? I knew exactly the look I wanted – an album with nice paper quality, images printed on the pages, a beautiful cover and a modern layout to enhance the pictures and tell our wedding story.

My natural course of action was to go back to our photographers and price out their albums.

Now, let me preface my strategic moves by stating I’m where I am for a reason, starting this album business. Our photogs are amazing, extremely talented people and I have nothing but the utmost respect for them and the beautiful pictures that came out of our wedding day relationship. There is also no doubt in my mind that their end product of our wedding album would have been an astonishing piece of work. That said, though, after having paid for the wedding and purchased a new condo, you can imagine cash flow was limited. Their prices were a little too high for us…

Facing this dilemma, my mother made the suggestion that I make the album myself, that there are plenty of sites where I could do it on my own for really cheap.

I started thinking, it’s not a bad idea…Never mind that I’ve always had a creative eye for design and a personal passion for photography, I have had work experience in layouts and design.

Along the way in searching for just the right website where I could do it myself, because god knows I didn’t want a cheesy looking album layout with borders and photo treatments; I found nothing that satisfied me. All that’s out there for the DIYer are cheap finishing, basic covers, and a limited number of pages as well as basic paper.

I still wanted this to look like a professional wedding album.

Three months of market research later and here we are: My idea to make my own album has turned into a full-blown business that will offer professional album layouts for both digital images as well as prints that will be scanned and put together in the album style I offer.

I saw a need and I’m filling the void.

All this to say, the last thing I want is to have the perception that I’m stealing business from photographers.

I’m positioning Splendid Albums primarily to offer a service to make design albums for the end users, and also as a referral for photographers to use when they either don’t offer albums.

That stack of pictures you have sitting in the back corner of your closet that you’ve always wanted to get into an album… we’ll take care of scanning, laying-out, and binding (through trusted suppliers) and delivery.

And of course we’ll work with a client’s digitals!

Well that’s Splendid Albums in a nutshell! The next step is to register for a business number on Monday with the wonderful Quebec government. Wish me luck!


Dreaming of reality

18 Apr

I had dinner with my best friend last night and caught her up on the latest and greatest, specifically speaking of my business venture in album making.

My current status has me trying to figure out the ins and outs of the Quebec government and how to officially register the business.

That said, my best friend, who is a freelance photographer, has been putting off registering herself as a business. My ambitious go-getter attitude has her thinking that there’s no better time like the present to get herself officially registered as a business in Quebec, too.

It’s a date! Next Monday, Apr. 26, we’re heading down to the Regis des Entrepreneurs to register our businesses. Things are sometimes better done in pairs and much more fun when you have the support of a close friend to help navigate through the fog of second-language legal jargon.

I have found a great resource on about.com that really broke down what tiers of businesses are available. I have heard though, that all the forms will have to be filled out in French. Not so sure how comfortable I feel about that… especially since this is a huge commitment and not just a restaurant survey.

Stay tuned…

What’s in a name?

1 Apr

What’s in a name? A lot actually. It predetermines who you will be as a business, it tells your customers who you are and hopefully also covers what you provide be it a service or product. My business name will also dictate my branding. What do I want my brand to convey? I’ll discuss this in a later post when I nail down my logo.

I knew getting into this I’d have to be creative and clever. This is where my job in marketing has helped me out.

I wanted something that would say it all, be easy to say and spell, be relevant to the product I’m offering, sound current and be nicely wrapped up with a nice ring to it.  Oh, and of course be Google friendly.

Having the word “album” in the name is key not just because it says it all, this word is also a French word. Living in Montreal I have to think on a 2-way street if I want to grow my business locally as well as virally.

Have you ever done brainstorming exercises where you take a paper and a pen and just write whatever words come to mind? If you don’t do it. You should. The creative juices get to flowing before you’ve even realized what’s happened.

Some things I came up with…that weren’t so hot…

– I do albums (cute, clever, has ‘album’…but not quite enough)

– Wedding book (too narrow of a field, I’d get pigeon holed for sure)

– Brilliant Books (I might have been mistaken for a bookstore or note pad supplier)

Some other words I played with: compilation, collection, assemblage (where my French kicks in), picturesque…

So how did I get to “A many splendid album”? you ask. I’m a romantic at heart and a big fan of music. So I looked to my Jazz collection for some inspiration. A favourite of many-Frank Sinatra-recorded a version of the first song ever written for a movie to become #1 on the charts and also carried the name of the film and was adapted from a novel and later a spin off soap opera(thank you Wiki). Any guesses yet? ” Love is a many-splendored thing”.

Call it creative influence. Changing splendored for splendid is a tactical move. Typing splendored isn’t as easy as typing splendid…not to mention it’s not really a word. Familiarity it is.

So how does this related to the message I want to convey? Being recently married and still very much in love I wake up everyday knowing that I’ve found that one true love. If you’ve ever been there you know what I’m talking about. I want to bring those moment together in one place where they can be cherished, proudly displayed, and passed on to future generations.

Love is…it goes without saying love is what will be in the pages of the many splendid albums I will create.

About A Many Splendid Album

24 Mar

The purpose of this blog is to candidly chronicle my experiences with starting up my own business-A Many Splendid Album. From registering the business, to making my sample albums, to my first client meetings, networking, and the nitty gritty of what you’ve got to do to get into the wedding industry.

More to come about the business in later posts…don’t want to give away the house just yet 😉