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This web page is parked free-courtesy of us

14 Apr

I took the plunge today and went for it. I registered a domain name on GoDaddy.com. How did it go? Pretty well I guess. I have NO IDEA what I’m doing but I do know that the domain name http://www.splendidalbums.com  is mine for the next 5 years for a pretty reasonable price.

Why GoDaddy? I can tell you that Danica Patrick’s cleavage (et al)  had nothing to do with swaying my decision. It was recommended by a friend (check survey box).

I have a personal contact who will be building my web page for me and in return I will build his wedding album, something that he and his wife have put off for several years. Service for service.

Because I’ll be blogging about my webmaster, and will keep things confidential, I’d like to give him an alias, nay, a stage name. Hmmm what to call him? Logan! Just like in Wolverine when Rose was hiding his true identity.

Alright, so Logan (how very General Hospital sounding…) suggested that I use GoDaddy.com. Apparently it’s easy to use, is cheaper than most, and offers lots of hosting options. Whatever that means. You can tell this is really not my domain. Pun totally intended.

I feel like my mom reading a road map…a little overwhelmed… I feel the anxiety starting with the disorganization of not quite knowing where to start. I’ve attempted to register an email address @splendidalbums…I’ll let you know how that turns out.

So far in the business management ‘control center’, I’ve been able to categorize the business. Good thing I can have up to 5 choices-Facebook makes you choose 1. Oh yeah, I’m also on Facebook now! I got that up and running today too.

My whole approach to starting this business is one thing at a time and in no particular order. My starting point happens to be WP. And why not its 100% free, so is Facebook and Twitter. So now that I’ve made my first business expense (and in the correct tax year might I add…yes I was thinking ahead there) I can and should get myself a business number. QC government, here I come. I bet the forms will all be in French.

Anyway, a little off topic. I took a pretty big step today and I wanted to share it with you. I have a ways to go and figure out tonight, like how to get something up that is representative of my business and not just a GoDaddy.com business directory card, albeit, it’s better than nothing. The good thing is that it already links up right here to the blog! I tested it out. I’m very hands on.

There’s an option to use a template which will be a good option in the interim until Logan and I have a sit down to build out my vision.